Moonview Alpaca Farm

Home grown, hand made

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Home grown, home made

Open for Tours

We will be open during the summer for tours. Email or text to schedule a visit. We can schedule after 3pm during the week or on the weekends. Tours are about 1 hour long and we charge $10 per adult and kids are free.

We are a small alpaca farm with approximately 25 alpacas focusing on producing fiber from 18-22 microns. Owning Alpacas was a 20-year dream that finally came to fruition 5 years ago, when I had an opportunity to move to the Pacific North West and start my own herd. I started small, but quickly grew to what we are today. I focus on fiber production specifically aiming at sustained microns from 18-22. As you read though the descriptions of the alpacas that I have raised, I use the term sweet a lot. Each have their own personalities, some feisty, some joyous, some gentle, but all are raised to be handled.
As a fiber artist I look for stable length, fineness, and color. We have a range of color and several of the females are either grey or have grey genetics. Though I love the natural colors I like the option to add dyed fiber to my products. Though white and beige will give a fullness to the color, interestingly, grey does as well. Have a look at the blue and grey scarf for sale. The scarf is made from all grey fiber.
We have a number of alpacas for sale and in the website store we have yarn, handmade alpaca products and pottery. I became interested in ceramic hand building when I wanted to make yarn bowls to add diversity to my craft stall, from there it became an obsession. Several of the items have alpacas embossed in the clay. COVID has presented us with some unique challenges however this year we have been attending outdoor events. We are at the Vancouver Farmers Market monthly and opening at the farm. The next open day will be alpaca farm days at the end of September but if you would like to visit the farm at another time, just email and we will schedule a tour.